Wellbeing For Life

 Person Centred Sessions for you.

Michelle has taught in the fitness industry since 2003 as a qualified Fitness/Les Mills Body Training Systems/Pilates Instructor.  Having an understanding based on personal experience of what is needed to achieve desired fitness goals, compliment or pursue your other fitness objectives.  

It is important for those of us with sedentary jobs/lifestyles, more worryingly in young people, to cultivate the habits and exercise choices that will steer us away from potential future health problems.  More and younger age groups of the population are experiencing back problems and orthopaedic clinicians are noticing that the vertebrae of the neck spine are wearing out due to repetitive movement associated with the use of mobile phones. 

Why not try individualised private coaching, absolutely individual to you.

Unlike a Yoga class,  Wellbeing Personal Training (PT) is all-inclusive, involving both muscular structure and cardio work. Private Training clients receive an initial body assessment, and their program is tailored to their specific level and needs.  As the body changes and we mature we may need to adapt our approach to achieving or maintaining optimum fitness.

Michelle can offer you private PT for Pilates and Strength & Movement Training.

Michelle has developed a range of techniques to help clients to strengthen, mobilise, recuperate and achieve their own personal objectives . All students have different abilities and requirements.  Choose a Wellbeing Training  Session designed to help you to live well and feel energised in your everyday life. You can have an hour, a morning or day of coaching.  Ask for more information.

In Personal Training sessions, Michelle will work alongside clients, motivating them every step of the way.