Michelle teaches Community, Private and Online Classes

Email:, Mobile: 07910963183
Payment required to secure a place by Paypal or bank transfer.

Can’t attend a class?
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With three options to choose from, our in-house or online classes. 

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Option 1

Online classes - Yoga at Home

Michelle teaches a range of online classes that new and experienced practitioners can join.  There is a class for everyone and all will be greeted with a warm welcome. Classes range between £4-£5 for 60 and 90 min classes.
Option 2

Small Group Classes

Michelle teaches general classes of up to five people in private settings too. These classes follow current social distancing guidelines and groups can be hosted by you in the venue of your choosing, possibly a local park, private space, or garden, giving you the freedom to invite family and friends.  

Prices range from a minimum of £35 per hour / £50 for 90 mins or £8 per person per class for five people.

Option 3

Corporate Classes

Corporate sessions can be arranged by employers or employees within the workplace. People can choose a tailored program to suit their group’s needs with online classes available to suit your organisation’s needs.

Cost starts from £35 per hour  / £50 for 90 mins for local sessions or £8.00 per person for a minimum of five participants, travel time, class size may incur slight cost increases.