About Michelle


Aside from having a love of Yoga I enjoy family life and spending time being active with my children.  I love to see my children thriving in challenging situations. You can usually find us up a mountain or in the sea enjoying life and pretending to be Bear Grylls.   

I am innately a kinesthetic person and grew up being drawn to all types of physical activities, from Ballet and Tap to Hockey and Athletics.  Unfortunately I was not as good as my peers, which felt disheartening.  It was not until I found Yoga that I experienced something I could do.  Iyengar Yoga is for everyone!  After 20 years of practicing Iyengar Yoga, I am still working hard on most of the postures, however I can feel that I am achieving something good for myself in the process!  Through learning Iyengar yoga, I can now attempt to learn the things I struggled with as a child. I have become physically more capable and adaptable.

I also enjoy learning about other movement disciplines because I like to find the common patterns that exist between the different genres, say for example, the similarities that are found in martial arts and dance. I think of the Yoga asanas (poses) as a classical blueprint for everything movement based. If I observe any common ideas, that also run through other artistic or cultural methods of movement, I surmise those particular concepts of containing more wisdom and being worth researching until I can understand them more fully. I find it genuinely exciting to continuously learn in this way. 

A strong practice in Yoga supplemented with time spent exploring my body’s movement and strength in the activities listed below,  gives me a physical sense of wellbeing, along with the confidence to attempt new experiences.

My approach to improving a personal sense of wellbeing and understanding to be the Yoga Teacher that I am, has been honed from hours of personal practice and research I complete each week.

Personal practice and investigative study currently include:

  • Yoga and Pranayama, Iyengar Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Adult Gymnastics 
  • Calisthenics  
  • Feldenkraise – Moshe Feldenkraise
  • Ferrus Animi Movement – Tomislav English
  • Facial Yoga
  • Walking/River Walking/Canyoning
  • Swim fitness/deep water workouts
  • Running 10K + half marathons
  • Mindfulness
  • Breathing methods to promote health of lymphatic / respiratory systems

You might ask, what are the benefits of incorporating Yoga into my life? There are too many reasons!

Yoga can be applied to improve our everyday movement, as well as compliment other pursuits whilst:  

  • Removing stress so that you can enjoy being with your family and friends,
  • improve & assist with a work life balance,
  • unlock and use your physical skills and abilities to achieve fulfilling and satisfying goals. Perhaps you’re wanting to participate in an event, such as an organised run, a tough mudder or go on an outdoor adventure holiday ….there are too many reasons to incorporate Yoga into your life!

Don’t wait any longer!  Get in touch!